Industrial Vending Systems

Ram Products Industrial Vending Systems provide MRO vending for the parts and supplies that your production team needs most. Our Industrial Vending Machines are stocked by our Ram Products Field Service Representatives as part of our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services. Demonstrating our commitment to you, Ram Products VMI and Vending Machine Solutions ensure you always have the right part, in the right place, at the right time.

Vending machines for industrial supplies conveniently house the products your team relies on.  As part of a comprehensive MRO storage solution, Ram Products MRO vending machines eliminate unnecessary costs associated with lost or misplaced parts. Our secure vending systems track supply levels and usage in real-time to promote conservative on-hand inventory practices that significantly improve inventory expenditures.  

Benefits of Ram Products Vending Solutions

Regularly serviced and stocked by your Ram Products Field Service Representatives for a more reliable supply chain for your MRO consumables

Space-saving Industrial Vending Machines bring critical supplies and parts closer to your production applications

Automated order replenishment for increased efficiency and transparency

Inventory visibility and traceability throughout your production facility

Automated Vending Machines

With Ram Products automated vending machines, reporting and replenishment features offer real-time visibility of inventory levels to streamline your ordering process. Our industrial vending and locker systems enhance inventory control, allowing you to track individual tool usage and consumable costs by the person, or by the job. This transparency ensures accountability, while enabling more control over your inventory costs. 

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