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Ram Products has been a trusted name in MRO supplies and services since 1988 and remains dedicated to optimizing its operational efficiency and reducing costs across various industries. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Ram Products operates Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and mobile warehouse facilities across the Southwest and Southeastern United States, offering nationwide distribution of MRO parts.

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Ram Products provides MRO supplies and services, utilizing a VMI model for over 35 years that ensures our customers get the right part delivered when needed. Component assembly and custom kitting services, wire printing services, shop assessment services, and industrial vending solutions are available now with more products and services introduced routinely. Ram Products Catalog consists of over 30,000 SKUs. 

We serve businesses and organizations operating in critical industries such as construction, wholesale/distribution, retail trade, transportation, manufacturing, services, and public administration. If you are searching for an efficient and cost-effective solution for equipment repair, maintenance, fleet services, or specialized manufacturing needs, please shop our extensive catalog of products, or find us in one of our locations near you.


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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Services

With a track record spanning more than 35 years, our VMI services redefine efficiency. Leveraging mobile warehouses, we ensure prompt delivery of stocked products directly to your business or shop. Each of our mobile warehouses stocks inventory tailored to the customers on that route. Ram Products’ goal is to fulfill over 70% of our customers’ orders on the spot, with most of the remaining products shipped within 48 hours.

Component Assembly and Custom Kitting Services

Unlock the potential of tailored solutions with our component assembly and custom kitting services. Tailored to your Bill of Materials (BOM) specifications, our meticulous assembly and organization streamline inventory management, boost productivity, and enhance operational efficiency.

Wire Printing Services

Simplify wire identification and streamline production processes with our Wire Printing Services. Through strategic partnerships, we deliver professional-grade wire solutions that not only enhance efficiency but also facilitate warranty claims, ensuring seamless operations.

Shop Assessment Services

Optimize your workspace and tool selection with our Shop Assessment Services. Our expert team conducts comprehensive workflow assessments to recommend tailored inventory solutions. Mobile warehouses are strategically stocked with high-usage items, ensuring immediate access to critical supplies.

Industrial Vending Solutions

Experience the transformative power of Industrial Vending Solutions in inventory management. By introducing new access points and enhancing productivity, our vending solutions drive efficiency and minimize product consumption. Moreover, these solutions offer seamless tool storage and checkout options, complete with comprehensive usage tracking and reporting capabilities.

Whether you operate in construction, wholesale/distribution, retail trade, transportation, manufacturing, services, or public administration sectors, Ram Products stands ready to meet your diverse MRO needs. Explore our extensive product catalog today for efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to your requirements.

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