RAM Products

Core Values

From the beginning, we have placed a high value on people and relationships. The culture and the family environment being lived-out every day by our Team carries over to our customers as well, making our work more fun and our connections more meaningful. It’s what makes us unique in the marketplace.

Everything starts with our Core Values. Our company culture and behaviors are shaped by the values we hold. When you engage with Ram Products, these values are integral to your experience with our company. They keep us focused on delivering value to each of our customers by providing MRO parts and solutions with honesty, integrity, reliability, and fairness. 

While these values provide insight into who we are, they also serve as an inspiration for who we want to become. Knowing we miss the mark at times, our core values remind us of our standards of success and where we still need to grow. For many on our Team, the Scripture references attached to each core value provide a deeper insight and meaning into the motivation behind each one. For us, these Core Values define success.

Our Core Values:

  • We value people, showing respect to everyone and helping each other grow.  
    1 John 3:16

We all want to know that we are valued and respected. At Ram Products, our desire is to provide a culture of value and respect for all people. The quality of service we provide to our customers communicates how much we value them. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it, and it’s foundational to our culture.

  • We consider it a privilege to serve, proactively meeting the needs of others. 
    Matthew 20:28

Our company was founded on service by people who truly considered it a privilege to serve others. This attitude of service continues to shape our decisions towards how we work together within our company and how we interact with our customers. We don’t want to just react, but rather, we strive to find ways to proactively meet the needs of others in our work.

  • We operate with integrity, at all times regardless of the cost.  
    Psalm 139:1-3

Integrity is defined as adherence to moral and ethical principles; a soundness of moral character and honesty.  But what is the true north of our moral and ethical compass? Ram Products believes true north is founded in Biblical principles. They serve as our guide in matters of morality and ethics. “Regardless of the cost”, simply implies the depth of our commitment to this core value in every area of our work.

  • We are fully committed to our work, rejecting passivity and pursuing growth.
    Colossians 3:23-24

Commitment is a dedication to excellence in whatever we do, for the benefit of ourselves and others. When we display this type of commitment in our work, passivity is not an option. Growth, progress, and results are the natural outcome, and they prove to be a worthy pursuit.

  • We are generous with our talents and resources, investing in our workplace, communities and throughout the world. 
    Matthew 6:9-10

We recognize that much is expected from those who have been given much. At Ram Products, we realize that we have been given a lot, and being generous with those in our workplace, communities, and throughout the world provides us a way to share our thankfulness with others. We have witnessed our people serving in local non-profits, on medical mission trips in Haiti, and at children’s camps. In addition to giving their time, our team has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to non-profit organizations. And our Ram Products Matching program means every dollar given by our team is matched by the company – all signs of a culture of generosity that each person shares.

When you engage with Ram Products, these values are integral to your experience with our company. We look forward to serving you.