Custom Kitting

Ram Products Custom Kitting allows you to reduce your manufacturing costs by packaging the parts and components needed for your specific applications into neatly organized kits, ready for use on your production line. 

Ram Products Component Assembly Services simplify your inventory management. Our industrial assembly services ensure you always have the parts you need at the point of assembly, promoting production efficiency. With thousands of parts in stock and access to thousands more, we source the specific products you need and assemble the best kit for your applications, improving your production capacity and operational efficiencies.

For our customers that specialize in after-market manufacturing or assembly, our Product Application Specialists can customize kits based on your unique BOM requirements. Our tailored MRO assembly services ensure your production never stops due to difficult-to-find parts or supply chain disruptions.

With your comprehensive build sheet in hand, our Warehouse Specialists assemble your kits and have them ready for just-in-time delivery to your parts room or directly to your production line. When your production technicians grab the kit they need for a particular application, they can confidently begin the assembly process knowing that all the parts and components they need from start to finish are provided in a single kit.

Benefits of Ram Products Component Assembly Services

Product kits simplify production prep with convenient access to all of the parts necessary for your application – all in one package

Component Assembly kits streamline MRO inventory management to reduce on-hand inventory costs and eliminate waste

Product kits bring components closer to the production line, reducing build time, increasing efficiency, and reducing waste

Kitting provides increased transparency into your product costs for improved management of your labor, inventory, and storage cost of goods.

Component Assembly Services

Wire Harness Assemblies

The small harness assembly operation at Ram Products provides the wire harnesses you need for your specific application. From automotive applications to machinery components, our team of specialists builds the harness assemblies that keep your production line moving.  We can combine wire harnesses with other parts or assemblies, building Custom Kits made to order for your specific application. 

At Ram Products, we understand the challenges you face when sourcing wire harness assemblies to keep your production running efficiently.  Long lead times and supply chain interruptions can wreak havoc on your operation and your bottom line. With thousands of parts in stock and access to thousands more, we can source the specific products you need to build the perfect wire harness to fit your application. We go above other assembly services and commit to building quality wire harness assemblies that perform according to your specifications, with on-time delivery that truly sets us apart.

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