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    Core Values

    Every business has a culture.  At Ram Products, our culture is based on a set of values that govern who we are and how we operate.  For us, these core values define success.

    While these values provide insight into who we are, they also serve as an inspiration for who we want to become.  Knowing we miss the mark at times, our core values remind us of our standard for success and where we still need to grow.

    • We value peopleshowing respect to everyone and helping each other grow. 1 John 3:16
    • We consider it a privilege to serve, proactively meeting the needs of others.  Matthew 20:28
    • We operate with integrity, at all times regardless the cost. Psalm 139:1-3
    • We are fully committed to our work, rejecting passivity and pursuing growth. Colossians 3:23-24
    • We are generous with our talents and resources, investing in our workplace, communities and throughout the world. Matthew 6:9-10

    The Scripture references behind each Core Value provides our motivation for each value and offers a deeper meaning and insight for many of our Team in how these values are modeled in our lives.

    As we hold ourselves accountable to these values every day, we make our work more meaningful and people’s lives better.