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Streamlining Emergency Vehicle Upfitting with Custom Kits

Streamlining Emergency Vehicle Upfitting with Custom Kits


South Central US


Specialty Emergency Vehicle Upfitter

Company size

$10-49M (200+ employees)

Identifying Core Challenges:
Conquering Assembly Chaos


Lengthy Production

The company faced extended manufacturing timelines due to the time-consuming process of searching for, gathering, and assembling individual parts. This also presented a difficult task of managing the inventory for all of the parts.


Struggle and Frustration with
Assembly Process

The manufacturing team struggled with assembly as they had to manually gather various parts, which led to errors and delays.


Inefficient Part

The team faced challenges in managing their parts inventory, leading to waste in time and resources from a tracking and procurement standpoint.

Ram Product Solutions

  • Vendor Managed Inventory
    We serve both their service department and manufacturing facility. Properly labeled bins boost production speed, and strategically placed storage cuts down on walking distances for essential parts. This arrangement allows managers to focus on other important job requirements not related to supplies.
  • Custom Kits for assembly
    Our Account Management Team collaborated with the customer’s production managers to craft application-specific MRO kits. Ram Products packages and delivers these kits, dramatically reducing build time. Once the build sheet is ready, the warehouse swiftly selects and sends the required kit to the manufacturing site on a fully-equipped cart. Technicians can easily access and use the custom kits, ensuring all necessary parts are readily available for assembly.

Unprecedented Outcomes Attained

Enhanced Production Efficiency

By entrusting us with the management of their parts inventory and implementing custom kits for assembly, the customer experienced a substantial improvement in production efficiency.

Focused Resource Allocation

Ram Products has the ability to handle both the service department and manufacturing facility, allowing the managers to redirect their time and efforts towards other important responsibilities.

Precise and Error-Free Assembly

The introduction of application-specific custom kits for assembly not only shortened build times, but also ensured error-free vehicle assembly.

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