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Innovative Inventory & Wiring Solutions for Vehicle Upfitting

Innovative Inventory & Wiring Solutions for Vehicle Upfitting


South Central US – Multiple Site Business


$10-$49M (100+ employees)

Company size

$100M (300+employees)

Identifying Core Challenges:
Balancing Inventory and Precision in Wire Printing


Inventory Management

Maintaining a Vendor Managed Inventory solution that is tailored to specific product needs can be complex. They struggled with balancing inventory levels, which led to both excess and shortages of critical items.


Custom Wire

Offering multiple versions of printed wire tailored for specific vehicles can be an intricate process. Ensuring accuracy in the function of each wire printed on requires meticulous attention to detail and quality control.


Customization and Standardization

Ram Products adapted their approach to cater to unique client requirements while maintaining the efficiency of a standardized production process.

Innovative Solutions from Ram Products

  • Customer Wire Printing
    We provided the customer with several different versions of printed wire. Having the function of each wire printed on it has resulted in decreased installation time and increased their production completion rate.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
    Customizing the stock in our mobile warehouse allowed for greater product availability of commonly-used items, while also helping the customer prevent overstocking.

Revolutionary Results Achieved

Pioneering Advancements in Inventory Management

The adoption of a smart inventory management system revolutionized the company’s supply chain. This led to optimal stock levels, drastically reduced waste, and created a more responsive system. The improved system was able to adapt to changing demands quickly, resulting in cost savings and improved operational agility.

Groundbreaking Customer Satisfaction Levels

By integrating Ram Products solutions and tailoring services to individual client needs, the company achieved unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction.

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