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Enhancing Equipment Efficiency with Streamlined MRO and VMI Solutions

Enhancing Equipment Efficiency with Streamlined MRO and VMI Solutions


Southwest US


Heavy Duty Earth Moving Equipment for Mining, Construction and Municipalities

Company size

$100M (300+employees)

Inefficiencies in MRO Management and Storage


Inefficient MRO
Supply Management

With no organized system in place, it was difficult to locate necessary parts, resulting in reduced productivity and prolonged equipment downtime.


Storage Solutions

Their existing storage system was inadequate and led to complications tracking inventory.


Resource Drain on
Inventory Management

The lack of a streamlined process for inventory management and replenishment resulted in operational inefficiencies and an increased administrative burden.

Effective Solutions by Ram Products

  • Customized Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
    Ram Products delivered a tailored VMI system, ensuring that clients have the right inventory at the right time and in the right place.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
    Provided consistent VMI services, including the introduction of new bolt bins and parts boxes that are properly labeled for better organization.
  • Advanced Storage and Streamlined Organization
    Understanding the unique needs of each client, Ram Products provides innovative storage solutions and efficient organization systems.

Transformative Outcomes Produced

Reduced Downtime with Organized MRO Supplies

By having their MRO supply area organized and properly labeled, our customer decreased equipment downtime, creating a boost in overall production.

Enhanced Storage Solutions and Organized Bin Areas

With additional storage, products were moved closer to the production line. This wasted motion was reduced as employees spent less time gathering products to complete the job.

Effortless Inventory Management with Regular Service Calls

By providing VMI with regularly scheduled service calls, we were able to free up valuable time for the parts managers to be able to focus on the important tasks of their job.

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