Why It’s Important to Use Heat Shrink Terminals When Crimping Cable

When crimping cables, some people choose to use heat shrink terminals to provide a seal, while others do not. However, heat shrink terminals play an incredibly important role in creating a safe, sealed, and efficient electrical system. Taking just a few extra seconds to heat shrink a terminal when crimping cable can create a significantly stronger connection.

Today, I’m going to explain a few reasons why you should use heat shrink terminals when crimping cable:

Corrosion causes billions of dollars in damage every year

It’s rare to find a jobsite or work environment where corrosion isn’t an issue. Whether working indoors or outdoors, corrosion can be a factor whenever wire is exposed to moisture and other contaminants. Corroded wire leads to a reduced carrying capacity of the overall electrical system.

In addition to environmental factors, corrosion can also be caused by corrosive chemicals. Once again, no matter which type of jobsite you’re working at, corrosion can always be an issue.

Avoid wire pull-out problems

You may have stripped and cut the wire perfectly when installing a system. However, over time, various environmental factors can cause the electrical connector to pull apart from the wire. This leaves parts of the wire exposed and causes a weakened connection.

If your electrical connectors are operating in adverse conditions, like heat and cold, or undergoing physical stress, like vibrations and strains, then using heat shrink terminals is an easy way to ensure the longevity of your electrical system.

It’s standardized and expected

Really, there’s no excuse not to use heat shrink terminals in this day and age. Today, most manufacturers design sealed and molded components in all types of equipment. Sealed connections are required for repair and warranty work and one weak link can compromise the integrity of the entire electrical system. Don’t risk it by using inferior, unsealed electrical connections.

Avoid downtime

At this point, you should know that unsealed electrical connections and system downtime are closely related. No matter which industry you’re working in, unsealed connections can lead to costly repairs, company downtime, equipment problems, and other issues. Avoid all these problems by taking a few seconds to heat shrink your cable crimp connections.

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