Ram Products Proud to Partner with Boot Campaign and Brat Pack 11 to Help Military Families Nationwide

We have an exciting promotion to tell you about today. Ram Products has partnered with the Boot Campaign, which is an organization dedicated to raising awareness, promoting patriotism and providing assistance to military heroes.


Ram Products has specifically partnered with Boot Campaign’s Brat Pack 11 program , which is dedicated to supporting the children of military heroes nationwide by providing them with unforgettable experiences and connecting them with a network for continued support through their childhood.

Brat Pack 11 is administered by the Boot Campaign and we couldn’t be happier with the work this organization and this program has done for military ‘brats’ across the country. A military brat, of course, is a term for the child of any member of the military.

Why have we chosen to support the Brat Pack 11 program? Here’s a brief video explaining the goals of the campaign:


Ultimately, Brat Pack 11 wants to give military children an opportunity to experience a sense of camaraderie, understanding, and friendship throughout their youth. There’s a #BratPack11 hashtag that military brats can use to talk to others, as well as a Brat Pack 11 blog. The campaign also partners with individual military brats.

We’re extremely proud to announce that a portion of all proceeds from sales of our Cool Rag will go towards the Brat Pack 11 campaign. Starting in June, anyone can support Brat Pack 11 and the Boot Campaign by purchasing the Cool Rag.


The Boot Campaign is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating awareness, promoting patriotism and providing assistance for military heroes and their families. You can learn more at http://www.bootcampaign.com and http://www.bootcampaign.com/bp11.

What is the Cool Rag?

The Cool Rag is a unique cooling towel. It’s made of PVA material which retains moisture when wet. But the most important

BratPack3 benefit of the Cool Rag is its ability to keep water cool. Pour any type of water over the Cool Rag and it will reduce the temperature of that water and keep it cool all day long – without refrigeration or freezing.

What’s the secret behind the Cool Rag? Unlike most towels, the Cool Rag is composed with a large percentage of a plant extract. This plant extract lets the Cool Rag stay 16 to 22 degrees cooler than the current outside temperature.

When you get the Cool Rag wet, it automatically activates the cooling process. Users can speed up the cooling process even further by taking hold of two corners of the towel and waving the towel up and down.

The Cool Rag is an excellent product for the warm summer months, and Brat Pack 11 is an even better cause. Starting in June, the proceeds from all Cool Rags sold by Ram Products will go directly to Brat Pack 11 and the Boot Campaign.

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