Micro Fuses Are Revolutionizing the Auto Industry: Here’s What You Need to Know

With space at a premium, today’s automobile manufacturers are always looking for ways to trim down size without sacrificing features or power. That’s why micro fuses have become so popular.

Micro fuses are a recent invention. Over the past year, more and more automobile manufacturers have added micro fuses to their 2013 and newer vehicle lineups. Micro fuses provide protected electronic circuitry in vehicles while saving a considerable amount of space.

Advantages of micro fuses

Micro fuses come with a number of unique and powerful advantages. Here are the most important features of micro fuses:

-They save space due to a lower profile than traditional fuses

-They can be used in addition to normal ATO and Mini blade fuses as well as cartridge fuses

-They are color coded by amp rating for easy identification

-They feature single-circuit protection and dual-circuit protection

When low profile fuses and mini fuses were first invented, automobile manufacturers started using these new fuses en masse. The same phenomenon is currently underway with micro fuses. In fact, micro fuses are widely used on 2013 vehicle models.

Micro Fuses Now Available to Order from Ram Products

Ram Products is proud to offer a range of micro fuses currently available to order. Our micro fuses feature all of the advantages listed above and are an excellent way to save space while incorporating the maximum amount of protected electronic circuitry.

Ram Products’ micro fuses are color coded according to amp rating, which makes them very easy to identify. We offer all of the following types of micro fuses:

-Mic2 (5-30 amps)

-Mic3 (5-15 amps)

-FMM (15-40 amps)

These fuses can be found in a number of today’s newest automobiles. Each micro fuse is 32vdc and covers amperages ranging from 5a to 40a. Amperage coverage varies according to the style of the fuse.

Each Micro2 and Micro3 micro fuse is sold in 5 piece increments, while the FMM fuses are sold in 10 piece increments.

Please click here for the complete product flyer from Copper Bussmann.

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