Introducing Our Summer Promotion: Save On Saw Blades!

Ram Products has a special promotion to tell you about. Our promotion is running throughout June and July and lets you save bundles of money on something you use frequently: saw blades. There are few things more frustrating than working with a dull blade on a reciprocating saw or air saw. It’s even more frustrating when a blade breaks with no replacement in sight. Our promotion covers our full lineup of air saw blades and reciprocating saw blades. What is an air saw blade? Air saw blades are specially designed for use in pneumatic saws and have fine teeth for cutting metal. They’re commonly used in autobody/muffler shops and other metal fabricating shops. They’re perfect for most sheet metal applications and come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. airsawblade1 Our air saw blades are made by Morse and manufactured in the United States. Features include: -Available in .025” (0.60mm) and .035” (0.90mm) thickness -Blade widths of 1/2″ (12.7mm) -Fine, straight tool pitch for smooth cutting action -Bi-metal construction for long cutting life -Cut between body panels and under stripped/rusted fasteners -Heat-resistant and wear-resistant -1/2” wide blades provide flexibility for radius cuts   What makes our reciprocating saw blades special? Our reciprocating saw blades are the toughest blades ever made. Manufactured by an American company named Stone Tools, all blades are of the Bully Hog product line and offer superior construction qualities.airsawblade2 Unique features of our saw blades include: -8% cobalt -Tooth hardness of RC 65-66 -Bi-metal construction for superior durability and heat resistance -Matrix II High Speed Steel cutting edge -Shatter/shock resistant teeth -High edge hardness for aggressive cutting -Retains tooth sharpness even when working with the toughest materials   Below, you’ll find the full list of saw blades on sale. All saws are sold in packs of 5 to maximize your savings: airsawblade3 The sale continues throughout June and July. Different saw blades are suited for different tasks. Whether you’re working with metal, nail-embedded wood, or hard rubber, our saw blades are manufactured in the USA and perfect for your worksite’s needs. Order today and never be without a saw blade again!

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