How to Pick the Right Light Bulbs for Any Japanese or European Vehicle

Different vehicles have different types of lights. That’s why picking the right light bulb for your vehicle is always important.

Japanese and European vehicles have different types of bulb requirements. They have different fog lights, head lights, brake lights, interior lights, side lights, indicator lights, and more.

European and Japanese vehicles tend to have different bulb requirements than domestic vehicles. However, the bulb shopping process remains the same: you must consider bulb fittings as well as the type of light you’re replacing on your vehicle.

Fortunately, you don’t have to break out your owner’s manual to figure out which bulbs are right for your vehicle. The guides featured below show you exactly which type of bulbs you require.

You can use the guide below to determine the correct bulb and fitting for any of the following vehicle types:

-Audi -Volkswagen -Lexus
-BMW -Volvo -Mazda
-Jaguar -Acura -Mitsubishi
-Land Rover -Honda -Nissan
-Mercedes Benz -Hyundai -Subaru
-MINI -Infinity -Suzuki
-Porsche -Isuzu -Toyota
-Saab -Kia

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