How to Choose the Right Hose Clamp for Any Job

Finding the perfect hose clamp is easier than you think. Today, we’re going to show you how to identify the best hose clamp for any task – even if you don’t have a master’s degree in hose clamping (you don’t).

Hose clamps are used in a number of different applications. They’re commonly used in cars, for example, but are also popular in plumbing systems.

Screw & band clamps

The most common types of hose clamps are worm-gear.  These are made from stainless steel and can be used for tightening in a diverse range of applications. Screw and band clamps are tightened using a screw which can be turned with any regular screwdriver.

Turn the screw clockwise to tighten the hose clamp and turn the screw counterclockwise to cause the clamp to pop back open. Some people try to just slide the clamp off, but that can be difficult and is generally not a good idea.

You can view Ram Products screw & band clamps here:

Screw & band clamps versus spring clamps

One of the major restrictions about screw & band clamps is that you need to access the screw and band to tighten the clamp. In many applications, that’s not a problem.

But if your application involves tight spaces or an awkward corner, it might be impossible to reach your screwdriver around inside. That’s when a spring clamp comes in handy. A spring clamp is easy to tighten and designed for heavy duty applications – like barb connections in water cooling systems and many different automotive applications.

Constant Torque spring clamps

At Ram Products, we use Breeze spring clamps. These innovative clamps are perfect for any type of application that requires a hose clamp. The secret lies in the belleville spring mechanism technology.

This spring mechanism allows the Constant Torque clamp to tighten or loosen its diameter based on external changes in temperature. If the operational or environmental temperature changes, for example, then the Constant Torque spring clamps will tighten or loosen accordingly.

Why is that important? It means that cold flow leaks are a thing of the past. Furthermore, these spring clamps are surprisingly durable. Both the Aero-Seal and Heavy Duty construction Constant Torque clamps include an extended inner lining. That inner lining protects from all types of damage and helps to maintain a consistent sealing pressure.

The Constant Torque lineup of spring clamps is patented by Breeze. We recommend using Constant Torque spring clamps for applications where either external or internal temperatures are expected to change.

Our entire selection of Constant Torque spring clamps can be found here:

Liner clamps

Liner clamps are designed to protect soft-surface hosing – like silicone hosing.

The secret to liner clamps is an inner liner which protects soft-surface hose from damage. This liner provides maximum protection to soft surface hoses and creates a true concentric seal. Unlike spring clamps, liner clamps must be tightened with a screw driver.

Ram Products offers a number of different liner clamps in all different sizes, including 1/2”, 9/16”, and 5/8” band widths:

T-Bolt clamps

T-Bolt clamps are made from stainless steel and include a spring mechanism, making them ideal for tight, hard-to-reach places that require a high amount of protection from corrosion. T-Bolt clamps provide a superior level of strength and are particularly popular with silicone hoses in automotive applications.

They’re called ‘T-Bolts’ because there is a T-shaped bolt affixed inside one end of the clamp. The other end of the clamp is threaded. Since T-Bolt clamps have smooth bands, they can safely be used with softer hosing materials like silicone without worrying about punctures or grating.

The main restriction on T-Bolt clamps is that each size has a small usable range. That means you have to get the right size of clamp for your hose. Otherwise, you will not get a tight seal.

Ram Products standard T-Bolt hose clamps can be found here:

Stainless steel hose clamps versus standard zinc plated hose clamps

There are two main types of hose clamps: stainless steel hose clamps and standard (zinc plated) hose clamps. Ram Products offers both.

Stainless steel clamps are ideal for applications where the clamp will be exposed to moisture, water, or corrosive applications. Stainless steel prevents the hose from corroding under these conditions.

Zinc plated hose clamps, on the other hand, are made from steel but coated with zinc plating. Zinc plating also protects steel against corrosion and is particularly popular in automotive applications and mechanical engineering. Zinc plated clamps tend to be cheaper than stainless steel clamps but offer a similar level of protection against corrosion. Zinc plating also offers an attractive finish, making it ideal for applications where the clamp will be exposed to view.

If you spend a lot of time with automotive and plumbing systems, then a good supply of hose clamps can be just as important as a role of duct tape. No matter where you use hose clamps, they provide tight seals and superior protection for all different types of applications and materials.

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