Soldering Tips

Soldering Tips To Get Expert Results

Soldering is a relatively straightforward process. It’s easy to learn how to solder. But if you really want to be good at soldering, then the process becomes more complicated. Today, I’m going to share some soldering tips and tricks with you. These tips are guaranteed to increase your soldering skills and reduce messy joints. Choose […]

How to Choose the Right Grinding Wheel or Abrasive Wheel for Any Job

Grinding wheels, also known as abrasive wheels, are used for many different tasks. They can be used to strip paint and remove rust, for example. They can also polish imperfections from a finish or smooth a welded joint. They’re an essential tool found at many jobsites and choosing the right abrasive material is extremely important. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Soldering

Soldering plays an important role in a number of different industries, including commercial and residential electrical operations, plumbing, and electronics manufacturing. Soldering refers to joining metals using a fusion of alloys which have relatively low melting points. In layman’s terms, that means gluing things together using molten metal. Some people get confused between welding and […]

The Secret to Pulling a Headless Nail

Trying to pull a headless nail can be extremely frustrating. When confronted with a headless nail, most people simply say “Ahh, whatever” and leave that nail in the material till the end of days. But that’s not an ideal solution. Removing a headless nail may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Today, Ram Products is […]

How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Welding Gloves

Welding gloves are an important part of any welder’s arsenal. Welding gloves protect the wearer against all the byproducts of welding, including heat, sparks, molten metal, electricity, and flames. Welding temperatures regularly exceed 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Wearing welding gloves isn’t an option: it’s a necessity. But choosing the right welding gloves is important. Some gloves […]

The Top 7 Best Tool Improvisation Tips and Tricks

In an ideal world, every tool you need is just an arm’s reach away. You never have to scavenge for materials and your work truck is always kept perfectly neat and organized. Obviously, that’s not always the case. Today, we’re going to show you some great improvisation tips and tricks. These improvisation tricks show you […]

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Cold Winter Temperatures

Winter brings cold temperatures. Your car doesn’t like cold temperatures. However, unless you want to walk everywhere in the winter, you’re going to need to use your vehicle. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to prepare your vehicle for the frigid winter months. Ram Products wants to show you how easy it is […]

How to Properly Crimp Cable

Crimping cable seems like an easy task. All you need is a battery cable, a connector, and a crimping tool. Apply pressure and you’ve just created a perfectly crimped battery cable. However, if you’ve ever tried to crimp cable yourself, then you know that it’s not always that easy. Today, we’re going to explain the […]

Why It’s Important to Use Heat Shrink Terminals When Crimping Cable

When crimping cables, some people choose to use heat shrink terminals to provide a seal, while others do not. However, heat shrink terminals play an incredibly important role in creating a safe, sealed, and efficient electrical system. Taking just a few extra seconds to heat shrink a terminal when crimping cable can create a significantly […]

Ram Products Explains Electrical Terminals

Insulated and non-insulated closed barrel electrical terminals and splices have been around since the early ‘40’s.  They originated from the need for a solderless method to terminate wires in military equipment. From those modest beginnings, electrical terminals have grown into a major interconnect product class. Applications of these products are very diverse. Many insulated terminals […]