How to Identify Fasteners: Thread Pitch and Thread Count

Thread pitch and thread count are important parts of measuring fastener size. Both thread pitch and thread count are used to indicate the fineness of the thread. Thread pitch and thread count is only important for machine thread fasteners, which take a nut or thread into a tapped hole. I’ll explain each concept below. Thread […]

How to Identify Fasteners – Diameter and Length

We’ve already shown you two of the most important qualities to look for in any fastener: its category and its material. Whether identifying fasteners or buying fasteners for a worksite, you’ll also need to consider the diameter and length of the fasteners in order to ensure the right fit: Fastener diameter Measuring fastener diameters can […]

How to Identify Fasteners – Fastener Materials

Last week we talked about identifying fasteners based on their category, drive type, and head style. After identifying which type of fasteners you need to use, you’ll want to choose fasteners made out of the correct material. Fasteners are made with a wide variety of materials, and different materials can be used for different tasks. […]

Introduction to Identifying Fasteners

A fastener is a general term for any device that joins two or more objects together. Fasteners play an important role at many jobsites, and different fasteners are used for different purposes. Fasteners come in all shapes and sizes. Over the next few blog posts, Ram Products will explain how to choose the right type […]