How to Properly Crimp Cable

Crimping cable seems like an easy task. All you need is a battery cable, a connector, and a crimping tool. Apply pressure and you’ve just created a perfectly crimped battery cable. However, if you’ve ever tried to crimp cable yourself, then you know that it’s not always that easy. Today, we’re going to explain the […]

Why It’s Important to Use Heat Shrink Terminals When Crimping Cable

When crimping cables, some people choose to use heat shrink terminals to provide a seal, while others do not. However, heat shrink terminals play an incredibly important role in creating a safe, sealed, and efficient electrical system. Taking just a few extra seconds to heat shrink a terminal when crimping cable can create a significantly […]

What is Thread Seal Tape and How Should You Use It?

Thread seal tape is a special type of tape designed to seal pipe threads. Many people refer to thread seal tape as ‘Teflon tape’ in spite of the fact that DuPont – the owners of the Teflon brand – does not manufacturer thread seal tape. They did, however, discover Teflon and the PTFE compound used […]

What is the Difference Between SOOW and SJOOW Portable Cord?

Choosing a portable power cord may seem like a simple process. However, portable power cords come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Voltage is the primary difference between portable power cords, and some power cords are more suited to particular tasks than others. Two of the main portable power cord options are: -SOOW -SJOOW Although […]

Ram Products Explains Electrical Terminals

Insulated and non-insulated closed barrel electrical terminals and splices have been around since the early ‘40’s.  They originated from the need for a solderless method to terminate wires in military equipment. From those modest beginnings, electrical terminals have grown into a major interconnect product class. Applications of these products are very diverse. Many insulated terminals […]