Understanding the Basics of Electricity

Understanding electricity is an important aspect of many lines of work – and we’re not just talking about electricians. Whether you’re a machinist or a weekend handyperson, understanding electricity makes you safer and smarter. How does electricity flow? Think of electricity as flowing water. Electricity flows down a conductor in the form of billions of […]

Hose and Fittings Measurements: Pressure

Over the past few weeks, we’ve explained the intricacies of STAMP, which is Parker Hannifin’s handy way of ensuring customers always purchase the right hose and fittings. Purchasing the right hose and fittings helps the workplace stay safe and improves the lifespan of hydraulic equipment. Obviously, choosing the right hose and fittings is important. Today, […]

Hose and Fittings Measurements: Media

Throughout the last three blog posts, we’ve taught readers about the first three letters of the STAMP acronym. S stands for Size, T stands for Temperature, and A stands for Application. Today, we’re going to teach you about the ‘M’ in STAMP, which stands for Media. Out of all the qualities to pay attention to […]

Hose and Fittings Measurements: Application

Over the last two blog posts, we’ve learned about the importance of measuring Size and Temperature when purchasing hydraulic hose and fittings. Today, we’re going to look at the third letter of the STAMP acronym, ‘A’, which stands for Application. How STAMP works Parker Hannifin came up with a simple acronym to help its customers […]

Hose and Fittings Measurements: Temperature

In our last blog post, we described how to measure Size, which is the first letter in the ‘STAMP’ acronym. Today, we’re moving onto the next letter: T, which stands for Temperature. How STAMP works STAMP is a hose and fittings measurement guide that is designed to make ordering hydraulics equipment as easy as possible. […]