Hose and Fittings Measurements: Size

Understanding STAMP’s Hose and Fittings Measurements: Size Hoses and fittings may seem like small parts of a large and complex piece of machinery, but they’re incredibly important. So important, in fact, that getting them wrong can lead to some disastrous consequences. At the very least, wrongly-sized hoses and fittings speed up the rate of equipment […]

How to Use ‘STAMP’ to Find the Right Hose and Fittings

Purchasing the right hoses and fittings for hydraulic equipment can be difficult – especially for those who don’t have years of industry experience. Even those who have spent decades in the repair and maintenance industry can become forgetful when it comes to changing hoses and fittings. That’s why Parker Hannifin, a global leader in Fluid […]

New Online Web Catalog

Ram Products’ New Online Web Catalog Lets Customers Sign Up to Browse Thousands of Products with the Same Friendly Ram Service Ram Products is a leading supplier of repair and maintenance products and services. The Ram Mobile Warehouse ensures the right parts are delivered on-time to your location, and Ram’s goal is to provide more […]